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Paola Shea

Paola Shea is an internationally known celebrity Open Format DJ who has headlined at many major venues around the globe. Not only is she multitalented and driven, but her dynamic personality gave her a ticket to become one of the houseguests in CBS’ hit show Big Brother. She was featured in tv shows and magazines such as Maxim, & MMA Sports, Fox News, MTV’s Girl Code, Super Street Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and many more. Adding to her variegated exposure in the entertainment industry is her work experience with numerous “A-List” artists and has numerous residencies around the globe. She has spun at the biggest clubs everywhere from Jamaica, Canada, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and The Caribbean.

Pao Pao, as her family fondly calls her, grew up in a small town in Eastern Connecticut. Her innate ability to entertain was manifested by her solo and group performances back at home and in the schools she attended. Halfway through her academic career at the Central Connecticut State University, she was awarded a dance scholarship at Blade Dance Academy in New York City. Paola saw this scholarship as a chance to embark on an amazing journey to explore her creative side.

She moved to New York City undaunted. During her stay at Blade, Paola felt a strong urge to combine her passion for dance with her love for children. This prompted her to join a local community center as a dance instructor to the young kids to explore their talents as dancers. This is the short chronicle of her sojourn ‘til she plunged into DJing.