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DJ Sev

Sev was born and raised in central New Jersey. Growing up he has always had a passion for music. At an early age he was taking guitar lessons and eventually making the switch to drums and piano. Sev was always fascinated with how songs were composed and the different elements within the track. As a teenager, he started to produce his first beats and in 2008 decided to take on the challenge to become a successful DJ.

Today, you can find Sev spinning in some of the hottest clubs and bars in the Tri-State area. What makes him unique and sets him apart is his ability to read the crowd, flawless mixing, and incorporating his own remixes and edits into his performance. When he’s not on the tables, you can bet that he’s in his studio working on his next remix or edit. His work is featured on poplar DJ websites such as Crack4DJs, DJCity, and SmashTheClub. With his ambition and passion, sky is the limit for Sev.